Drawing the Raff Channels on the daily chart

The Raff Regression Channel is a linear regression with evenly spaced trend lines above and below the price. The width of the channel is based on the high or low that is the furthest from the linear regression. The trend is up as long as prices rise within this channel. An uptrend reverses when price breaks below the channel extension. The trend is down as long as prices decline within the channel. Similarly, a downtrend reverses when price breaks above the channel extension.


  1. Thanks for posting this video Nick …..i had wondered about the Raff channels you mention ….another little piece of valuable information…… i had some questions regarding channels i was going to ask but this answers some of them. again many thanks.

  2. Thanks for the video Nick. You’ve just got another Index Trading subscriber.

    I don’t know why I even thought about this for more than a few minutes. Through inexperience I’ve lost £1800 since last Thursday (nearly all of that on two ‘trades’), despite a respectable-looking 13 wins and 3 losses so far.

    So, for a tiny fraction of my losses (1/36th) I’ve bought a month’s membership. That looks very cheap now, whereas it looked quite expensive before I started ‘trading’ last Thursday!

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