FTSE 100 Spread Betting and Trading Help

Are you placing trades only to watch them go against you and then get stopped out, only for the instrument to reverse and show you that you were right all along? Are you missing trades? Losing out? Need trading help? Blown your account even? Then I can help!

I have been successfully trading the financial markets for many years, with a particular focus on the FTSE 100. With experience in a range of markets, strategies and trading, I am offering website visitors and members access to my research, strategies and trade plans.

FTSE 100 Trading Help
FTSE 100 Trading help – I can help you make sense of this chart

When you start trading there is a whole host of things to learn, but I believe that you can keep it simple and still be profitable. I have put together various bits of trading help and information on this website to help you when you start out trading the FTSE 100 and other financial markets. There are a multitude of technical indicators, approaches and techniques when it comes to trading, some work, some don’t. You will have seen a whole range I am sure. I tend to focus mainly on support and resistance levels, coupled with moving averages (set up slightly differently on different time frames). You can track my results on this page.

I set up this website to be more personal and different to all the other trading websites you see, and based on my feedback from members I think I am achieving that aim.

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