Why Traders Fail

I am sure you have heard the statistic that 90% of people that start spread betting fail and from that inferred that it is nigh on impossible to make a success of it. As you can see from my results I am not in that 90%. So, how can you avoid being in that group too? There are a whole range of reasons why traders fail and I have set out a few below. If you would like to avoid falling into the failed trader camp I would bear these in mind! To overcome them please consider joining or attending one of the seminars!

  • Overtrading
  • Chasing losses
  • Gambling – no discipline
  • Stake too big (as a % of capital)
  • No control over emotions
  • Cut winners too soon – But dont let a winner become a loser
  • Adding to losing trades – Better to cut and run I feel

There are of course other reasons but these are the main ones in my opinion. Despite what you read about “working” for half an hour a day and making untold wealth, it requires skills and knowledge. Join me and you can learn what you need to do.

Typical New Trader why do so many fail
Typical New Trader why do so many fail