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This website is for those looking to learn how to successfully trade the financial markets, access my daily analysis and are interested in my membership trade plans.

I trade the FTSE 100, Dax, S&P500 and Gold with a mixture of swing and day trades. I have been running my membership service for over 7 years now and share my analysis and trade plans with members. I call the market so you don't have to, you can copy my trades or supplement your own plan.

Using a mixture of technical indicators and fundamentals for my analysis, coupled with some proprietary signal generators created over the years, means that my daily analysis is relied on by many traders. I have an active community with setups, charts , ideas, daily discussion and trades posted by members as well as myself. You can learn from the community and contribute your own thoughts and ideas.

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Join my trader community which gives you access to excellent pre market open analysis for FTSE 100, DAX, S&P and Gold, as well as access to the live trading room, trade alerts, strategy guides and help with your trading.

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£2,000 in August 2014 has become nearly £94,000 by January 2018.  Simple, steady growth using my system.

All results from the trade plans sent to members are logged on the website.

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Members benefit from what I have learnt over the years. Guides, strategies and what to look for to make your trading successful. 

Help and support available daily

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Membership is £49.99 a month. A results spreadsheet in Excel can be viewed here

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