Free trading ebook – successfully Trading to Win on the FTSE 100, Dax30, S&P500, ASX200, Gold and others

I have put down a few things that I have learnt on trading over the past few years in a my trading ebook which you can download for FREE by submitting your email address below. The information in the ebook relates to the FTSE 100, Dax, S&P 500, ASX200. However, the principles and techniques apply across a range of trading markets.
Free trading ebook – successfully Trading to Win on the FTSE 100 and other indices
Including trading strategies, dealing with trading emotions, and how I got started in trading, the main areas covered include:

  • Where are you now?
  • What kind of trader are you?
  • How a good strategy makes the difference
  • Techniques
  • Settings
  • Psychology
  • Analysis
  • Decision
  • Entry (and Exit)
  • Be a better trader

I welcome any feedback (good or bad) on what you think about the book. Its also available on Kindles via the Amazon Kindle store.

“I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank for you for the pdf book – that’s probably the best 3 quid I’ve yet to spend. Please consider writing something that goes a little deeper for a suitable fee!” Simon C

“Thanks for the ebook, really useful and clearly explained” James H