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My Results

I have a results spreadsheet showing the total points each month. The spreadsheet is just the trades from the morning email and any that I live alert to members in the Telegram Trade Updates room to all members. I don’t include the trades that I post only in the chat room as not all members are logged in there during the day so feel it would be unfair to then include them in the global results.

See how £2000 in 2014 has grown. Not with massive stakes or unnecessary risk either.

Cumulative totals
Cumulative totals

A detailed spreadsheet in Excel can be viewed which I started in August 2014. Why put it on a spreadsheet rather than show statements? Mainly I think its clearer to show the results over a longer time period that way, plus I can get graphs from the raw data easily. 

Please Note Past performance is not indicative of future results and I advise you to speak to a registered advisor about trades or trading. Emails may contain more info such as charts. Please note the disclaimer