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7735 and 7783 resistance to watch | 7635 support | Trading analysis

6th February 2018

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Wow, thats all I can say about that really. At one point as I expect you saw last night the dow was -1500 and volatility is back with a bang. Obviously when its like this you can either just jump on with small stakes and see how it goes but there isn’t much analysis that makes sense in such volatile times. Dow futures are currently -750 as I write this, and the FTSE 100 dipped below 7000 last night to test 6934. Considering it closed at 16:30 at 7334 thats quite a move! However, for those brave enough to buy this could just still be a very healthy correction! Just don’t try and guess the bottom but we may well see S2 at 6790 today if this rolling stone continues!

FTSE 100 Forecast and Prediction

Back up to close the gap at 7334 which was yesterdays close but seems miles away, or down to S2 at 6790. A possible long here is maybe worth a go but keep the stops tight.


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