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As a special offer you can join today and get the first month for just £29.99. Please simply click the Subscribe button below.

I have a members only offering which includes daily analysis sent out at 7am, my trade plan for the day with trades that I am making and a live trading room where you can chat with fellow traders. Membership is £49.99 a month which gives you full access to everything.

You are of course free to cancel at any time. Any trades mentioned are NOT recommendations OR advice to buy or sell, but are purely for educational purposes – they are trades that I am doing, you can then see why and how.

What you get

  • Daily Analysis pre market open (sent around 7am each day) for FTSE, DAX, Gold and S&P. Please click here for a PDF sample of the morning email.
  • Daily email pre market includes my trading plan for the day including ORDER levels, with stops and targets/limits
  • Telegram group membership for realtime trade updates and group discussion
  • Email updates as I run a trade – if stop moved, profit taken, trade closed
  • Access to our live trading room with live chat and charting
  • Free copy of the ebook “Trading to Win”
  • 3 strategy videos on trading techniques
  • Free email advice from me if you have any questions on trading
  • See the results spreadsheet.

Live Trading Room

You will also get access to our members only chat room where you can swap ideas with fellow traders and myself. The chat room is a great place to chat with other members on a daily basis about what’s going on in the worldwide financial markets. We mainly chat about the FTSE 100, Dax 30, S&P500, gold and a bit of Forex. Also, news events, and general banter.


I have put a table below showing the total points each month. The spreadsheet is just the trades from the morning email. I don’t include the ones I do in the chat room as not all members are logged in there during the day.

A detailed spreadsheet in Excel can be viewed here which I started in August 2014

[embeddoc url=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/tnsl1wnb4zartbj/Results.xlsx?dl=1″ download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]

Please Note Past performance is not indicative of future results and I advise you to speak to an FCA registered advisor about trades or trading. Emails may contain more info such as charts. Please note the disclaimer

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