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FTSE 100 Support 7262 7261 7257 7235 7228 7226 7095
FTSE 100 Resistance 7294 7297 7298 7316 7320 7335

Good morning. There was actually some bearish activity yesterday, not at the 7250 level this time but from 7270 instead. However, it was fairly short lived as the bulls came fighting back as they have such significant momentum behind them at the moment. That said, the US rose then fell away during their session, which was a bit frustrating for the SP short at 2272. The gold long from 1182 worked really well, and that sort of strength usually proceeds a bit of a pull back on equities. Hasn’t seem to have applied to the FTSE! Of course the further slump in sterling played a large part yesterday. The pound languished at two-month lows against the dollar and the euro, tumbling to $1.2108 and €1.1508, respectively, as fresh ‘hard Brexit’ fears kept the local currency under heavy selling pressure.

As well as reaching a new intraday high, by hitting a level of 7,284.81, the FTSE 100 also delivered its eleventh day of gains in a row, matching the longest winning streak the index has ever produced. In its 33-year history, it has only enjoyed the same run of good fortune on three occasions: in 1997, 2004 and 2009.

FTSE 100 Outlook and Prediction

FTSE 100 Prediction

FTSE 100 Prediction

For today I am thinking that we will approach the 7300 level and test the top of the Bianca channels once again at the 7295 area. We also have R1 at the 7297. If we do reach this area then I think that we will dip back from there towards the pivot and 2 hour support at 7260. Obviously the bulls will need to break through yesterdays high at 7285 to do that. The trends are all still up, despite the daily RSI now printing 87. If we were to break through 7300 then 7320 is the next area of resistance and worth a go shorting around here.

On the flip side, if the bears do appear today then they will need to break the pivot at 7260, which then leads to 7230 where we have the bottom of the raff and Bianca 10 day channels. Ultimately if the bears were really to go for it at any point soon then there is support at 7180.

To start today though it all looks pretty bullish so I am thinking rise then possible dip from around 7300. There is no dividend today either.

FTSE 100 Support 7233 7229 7214 7202 7180 7150 7078
FTSE 100 Resistance 7238 7252 7260 7267 7273 7308 7320

Good morning. That was a fairly flat day yesterday in the end with the bulls unable to reach the 7250 level. They managed to bring it back up after the dip down to 7210 to make a double top at the 7240 level, where we have stayed overnight.  With the dollar dropping it was surprising that the FTSE 100 wasn’t a bit stronger. Anyway, after that neutral day yesterday the 2 hour chart has gone bearish with resistance at 7237, while the top of the Bianca channels have moved slightly higher to 7270.

The daily RSI is still at 85. Anxiety has crept back into markets in the new year following a burst of optimism that accompanied Trump’s surprise election victory, with investors expressing their concern largely via the currency market. The pound has been hit by resurgent angst over the implications of Brexit, while bitcoin has been whipsawed after touching an all-time high last week.

FTSE 100 Outlook and Prediction

FTSE 100 Prediction

FTSE 100 Prediction

I am still watching that 7250 level for resistance today, and we now also have 7270 as the top of both the Bianca channels for today. If the bulls manage to break 7250 then it would be almost certain to reach that 7270 level. Above this then 7300 is the next resistance area of note.

On the bearish side, and with the 2 hour chart going bearish overnight, the bears will be keen to defend the 7237 level, but the fact that we haven’t dipped much overnight suggests that the momentum is still with the bulls. The Daily RSI is still high at 84 though, but as mentioned can remain overbought a long time while prices continue to rise.

I am watching the 30min coral closely today as while it is still bullish, it has levelled off, suggesting a slow down of the upwards trend. As such we could well be about to start a pull back for that possible swing long entry around the 7070 area. I have gone for a short bias today with the trade plan and trying shorts off both those key resistance levels.

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